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Solutions 4 Monitoring

Confined Space Monitoring

Provide solutions for monitoring in confined space on a continuous basis and help in managing and working safely in hazardous areas. Management can view and review the entire operation from the control room.

Solutions 4 Monitoring

All Your Confined Space Needs at One Place


Complete & detailed data of all entrances of the confined spaces. Support towards on-site rescue team. Reliable registration of all entrances.


Measurement directly on the work spot/in the confined space. Reliable reporting & trending of all gas measurements.


Support of the on-site rescue team with direct images from the confined spaces. Reliable live-stream reporting.



Intercom, visual & acoustic alarm on the work spot.

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Faster response time. Direct communication in case of emergency


Central follow-up & control room

Coltraco Ultrasonics

Ultrasonic Safety Instrumentation

Ultrasonic Instrumentation Solutions focusing on Measurement of Level, Seal, Flow, Thickness, Pressure and Acoustics

Level - Fire

Capable of testing a wide variety of fire suppression agents, such as; CO2, FM200™, NOVEC™ 1230, old Halon agents, FE-13™, FE-25™, NAF S III™, and most core Clean Agent systems.

Portalevel™ Max Plus

Reliably measure the level of fire suppression agent contained within a cylinder.

  • Non-invasive
  • Content detection
  • Monitoring of fire suppression cylinders containing liquefied agents.


Portalevel® Max Marine Plus

Flagship Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator Designed for the Marine Environment.

Sensor extension rod

  • Allows easy testing of multiple banked rows of cylinders often found aboard seafaring vessels.


Low-cost Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator for the marine industry.

  • User-friendly, versatile and accurate to ±1.5 mm.
  • Calibration feature and additional power setting for increased gain.
  • RINA Classification Society acceptance.


Portasteele® CALCULATOR

  • Liquid Level to Weight Conversion Calculator

  • Perfect partner to any of Coltraco Ultrasonics’ liquid level detectors

  • Using dimensional data about the cylinder provided by the user and the liquid level found with one of our Portalevel® units Portasteele calculates the agent weight

Level - Industrial

Portatank™ Main Unit

Non-invasive, handheld & portable ultrasonic instrument for tank-level detection through side-walls.

  • Oscilloscope provided to view return signals for confirmation and added accuracy (return signal only present if liquid is present).
  • Tested on Single-Phase and Three-Phase transformers (multiple kVA ratings applicable i.e. 19.9, 25, 50, 75, 100 kVA etc.)
  • Up to tank width 15 metres


Air + Space - Leak Site Integrity

Portascanner™ Watertight

Ultrasonic Watertight Integrity Indicator designed for watertight structures and hatch covers. 

The perfect tool for marine industry professionals who need to ensure the integrity of watertight and weathertight seals on ships and marine structures.

Portascanner™ Watertight PRO

Ultrasonic watertight integrity & hatch cover tester.

Portable instrument for –

  • Assessing watertightness
  • Locating and quantifying water leaks
  • Predicting water flow rates


Portascanner™ Airtight

Ultrasonic receiver main unit and generator pair, for locating and quantifying air leaks. 

Non-invasive, handheld & portable ultrasonic instruments for locating and quantifying air tightness, air permeability of buildings, clean rooms, isolator units etc.


Portasonic® 2.FL0

Handheld, clamp-on, non-invasive transit time ultrasonic flow meter designed to measure flow rates of liquids in pipes.

  • Accurate to +/- 0.5%

  • Works on a wide range of liquid types containing less than 10% solid content


Fixed, clamp-on, ultrasonic transit time flow and heat meter that is non-invasive for measuring the flow rates of liquids containing less than 10% of gas/solid contents.

  • Mains powered
  • Designed for 24/7 monitoring
  • Accuracy to +/- 0.5%

Portasonic® PRO

Handheld tablet-based, ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter with pressure prediction software. 

  • Calculates internal pipe pressure from measured flow rates

Portagauge™ 5

Ultrasonic multi-echo thickness gauge with multiple built-in functionalities such as A-scan, oscilloscope trace, and ability to adjust sound velocity to test various materials.

  • Works on different types of metals, plastics etc. through sound velocity input
  • Multi-echo ignores paint coating giving true metal thickness
  • Different frequency sensors available 2.25 MHz, 5 MHz, 7 MHz covering almost every application

Dynamic Air Shelters

Blast Resistant Air Beam Shelters

Designed To Keep Personnel As Safe As Possible By Eliminating Destructive Components Used In Conventional Structures

Why Choose Dynamic Air Shelters

Quick-deploy, Blast-resistant, Inflatable structures

Most Versatile Structure in the World

Dynamic air shelters are tested and proven to keep your workforce safe and out of harm’s way within threatened areas of work sites.

Dynamic Air Shelters Internal Test

Solutions 4 Materials

Distribution And Software Solutions

Monitors and controls the Equipment / PPE’s distribution. Keeps a log of the personnel who take the material, time & date and when it was returned.

S4M - Solutions 4 Materials

Vending machine services - Efficient Turnaround Solution

Managing materials in industrial environment is a major challenge for many companies. We deliver innovative tailor-made solutions that result in cost efficient and high quality material management. There might be cases where there are too many materials circulating or not enough availability or missing equipment or damages; we have the capability to setup a full management system for the same.

  • Reminds & create reports of the missing (non returned) material.
  • During Turnarounds / shutdowns, it can cater large volume of disbursement of the equipment / PPE efficiently and keep the track of each one of it.
  • Only authorized personnel can take the materials from the vending machine.

Luno Breathing Air Systems

With innovative solutions for Long durations and Turnarounds

FFAST has partnered with Luno Systems, UK, for specialized breathing air solution to be used in confined spaces, oxygen deficient & hazardous environment.

Luno Breathing Air Systems

Lifesaving systems for catalyst changeout process

ATS Trolley System for Breathing Air

For shorter durations. Robust, simple trolley system for extended duration breathing
air tasks where space is at a premium.

Breathing Air Trailers

For longer durations. The advantage of an air trailer is that it can be used in areas where breathing air compressors are unsuitable due to explosion risk or where environmental quality of the air is likely to be poor.

Trailer Mounted Compressor

For mobile application for continuous usage of air on site. Specialist design, commissioning and maintenance of high
pressure charging systems. 


Airmaster™ 2 Life Support Breathing Apparatus System

The control panel provides capacity for up to 4 users simultaneously, each providing 2 independent air supplies; Primary and Secondary

Airtrack System

Real time monitoring of air quality, and contains a built-in alarm and separate audible alarm. Learn more

Firefly helmet

This helmet is a respiratory protective helmet, a unique product designed to provide a high level of protection, with compatible positive pressure breathing apparatus. Learn more

Gating Solutions

Temporary and Permanent access control and registration solutions


E-permitting I2OT Solutions

Transparency and visibility throughout the permit lifecycle, including geographic mapping of active permits