Clean Agent Fire Suppression

SEVO Systems International is a Clean Agent Fire Suppression manufacturer exclusively utilizing 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid to protect high value assets in many industries including oil and gas, marine, power generation, telecommunications and data centers.FFAST is an authorized vendor channel company for sales, after sales maintenance and spare parts of Sevo Systems International …

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Turnaround and Shutdown Services

Shutdowns and turnarounds are critical big projects that need to be executed with proper planning. FFAST helps you go through the entire pipeline efficiently where you can visualize and optimize all the processes and schedules in an effective manner. Since the process of shutdown and turnaround is not just about the repair, maintenance and outage …

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Hazardous Area Classification

A hazardous area is classified into zones on the basis of frequency and duration of the occurrence of an explosive atmosphere. Learn how you can speed into safety at these zone-specific areas. #hse#zone0#zone1#zone2#oilandgas#safetysolutions

Integrated Safety Services

As per OSHA, “Hazards exist in every workplace in many different forms: sharp edges, falling objects, flying sparks, chemicals, noise and a myriad of other potentially dangerous situations. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that employers protect their employees from workplace hazards that can cause injury.”Upon correct identification of the job and the …

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In the search for oil come many risks and worker safety is crucial. Workers face a wide variety of situations in the upstream industry. From handling tools and equipment to getting exposed to hazardous gases. Therefore, it is critical to identify risk and their solutions through technological innovation. FFAST has got you covered with all-around …