Turnaround and Shutdown Services

Shutdowns and turnarounds are critical big projects that need to be executed with proper planning. FFAST helps you go through the entire pipeline efficiently where you can visualize and optimize all the processes and schedules in an effective manner. Since the process of shutdown and turnaround is not just about the repair, maintenance and outage work; it also constitutes a huge safety challenge. As part of the activity, FFAST provides and maintains large fleet of rental equipment and services that includes:


✔Gas detection equipment including area monitors, personal gas monitors etc.

✔ Grade D Breathing Air

✔Respiratory Protection equipment

✔Fire protection equipment

✔Rescue Teams

✔Safety related Rental Equipment

✔Gas detection solutions

✔Fall protection

✔Specialized Safety Personne

l✔Blast Resistant Air Shelters

✔Solutions for Monitoring – Innovative confined space monitoring systems

✔Access control and electronic muster stations for mass evacuations during emergencies

✔Rope access services

✔Life Support Systems for catalyst handling/inert entry

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