turnarounds and shutdowns

Efficient planning and smart execution

FFAST has a unique set of solutions to help your startups, turnarounds and shutdowns to be executed smoothly. We couple innovative technology solutions with our core competencies for smart distribution and monitoring of personnel, equipment and critical locations. We help you through the entire process with high regard to compliance and International standards. Our motive is to protect lives and make sure we do not compromise on safety during these crucial times.

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Pre-Turnaround and Shutdown

Shutdowns and turnarounds are critical big projects that need to be executed with proper planning. FFAST helps you go through the entire pipeline efficiently where you can visualize all the processes and schedules in an effective manner. These projects require huge number of people coming from different backgrounds and different contractors and all the people, the equipment, the maintenance and repair work, all the other activities related to turnarounds and shutdowns should be in harmony. In the pre-turnaround phase, we look into how we can train the different individuals required for the turnaround process and how they should be well equipped with proper permits, equipment and also be aware of the dangers or hazards that they would encounter by paying particular attention to the OSHA guidelines.

Gating solutions through IQ pass

We efficiently manage large visitor increases and unforeseen employee movements. All compliance and safety aspects are also taken care of, using a minimum of human intervention.By capturing and presenting data in a structured manner, IQ-Pass even provides business intelligence solutions for operational processes, which traditional access management solutions simply cannot offer, such as comprehensive hourly reports and the registration of your internal staff, external contractors and subcontractors.

E-permitting through I2OT solutions​

A process that is otherwise manual and requires paperwork can be automated and save huge sums of money and also helps you visualize the different permits required and keep a check on who is going to come, what are their work schedules, where are the active permits located etc. A data that can be monitored in real time and can be retrieved later for learning purposes.

Solutions for Monitoring through Z systems

This solution includes confined Space monitoring in real time through a control room. This solution allows you to monitor the real time gas levels, see through the different cameras that are located in the confined space, take necessary screenshots when a situation occurs, note the time stamps, generate a report based on that. This solution has really been a game changer in the turnarounds and shutdowns.

Smart Material Management through Solutions for Materials

This is a unique solution that can save a lot of time and help you track the equipment status, who takes what and when. We want to make sure that the resources needed for the job to be completed should be at the right place and since there will be a huge flow of equipment and people, a proper tracking system is vital.

In Plant Safety Centre

All the necessary equipment and servicing at one place. By paying particular attention on the flow of materials using the ‘solutions for materials’ concept, FFAST gives a dedicated center from where the flow of material is done and if the equipment reports any damages, it also gets replaced and serviced here. The personnel working in the IPSC also takes care of keeping all the equipment at strategic locations in an organized manner and make sure that the equipment is in excellent condition before going out. This helps the job to be done quickly since turnarounds and shutdowns require many people to work within a short time frame, so time is key here.

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Preparation Trainings and Assessments

We also give trainings on Confined space entries and other necessary jobs that are to be done during turnarounds and shutdowns so that the personnel knows well enough what he has to do several times during this time frame. Various Tests before the turnaround and shutdown are extremely necessary because the assessment for the various areas helps to ensure the process to be done smoothly.

During Turnaround and Shutdown

With the entire solutions that are ready to be deployed and executed from the pre-planning phase, we make sure that we provide all the necessary rental equipment, flexible personnel etc. Since the process of shutdown and turnaround is not just about the repair, maintenance and outage work; at the same it also poses a huge safety challenge. As part of the process, FFAST provides and maintains large fleet of rental equipment and services that includes:

  • PPE
  • Gas detection equipment including area monitors, personal gas monitors etc.
  • Grade D Breathing Air
  • Respiratory Protection equipment
  • Fire protection equipment
  • Rescue Teams
  • Safety related Rental Equipment
  • Gas detection solutions
  • Fall protection
  • Specialized Safety Personnel


Post Turnaround and Shutdown

There always are learnings after each turnaround or shutdown so that we can make the next one better and more efficient. Through the reports generated and the data integration from the innovative technology solutions that FFAST has proposed, it gives an insight to all the necessary and authorized people involved in these projects to take right and timely decisions for the next time.

FFAST’s innovative technology solution partners also provide software solutions that gives you detailed analysis of how much you save, what was the equipment flow, how many equipment got damaged, was there any unexpected incident, how many personnel checked in and checked out, permit cycle etc. Our solutions are tried and proven. We truly believe in our solutions and also hope for a smooth turnaround and shutdown at your place.