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Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is a highly toxic, corrosive, flammable and explosive gas. H2S is colorless and known by its “rotten egg” smell but even at high concentrations H2S can be odorless.

H2S poses an extreme risk to health and safety of personnel. Exposure to this gas can result in serious short term and long terms effects. Effects range from mild, headaches or eye irritation, to very serious, unconsciousness and death.

H2S is released during the drilling and production of crude oil. Therefore, it is necessary to outline strict protocols and procedures for the workers on site that are likely to be exposed to this gas.

H2S Safety is crucial for the companies engaged in oil and gas field, rig, storage and transports. FFAST provides complete H2S solution package with different types of safety equipment that becomes a part of your complete H2S service that is in compliance with SAWCOD.

Integrated | Comprehensive| Turn key solution

The H2S Safety package includes:

  • Installation by expertly trained and experienced technicians
  • H2S safety response packages outfitted to your specifications
  • Electric and diesel driven breathing air compressors
  • 6 and 12 cylinder breathing air cascades
  • Breathing Air Apparatus
  • State of the art wireless and wired gas detection system
  • Hazardous locations visible and audible alarms
  • Large fleet of H2S safety trailers

FFAST ensures all equipment included in H2S service packages remains in proper working order for :

FFAST ensures all equipment included in H2S service packages remains in proper working order for:


  • Monthly or annual compliance inspections
  • Annual flow testing of equipment
  • Hydrostatic testing of cylinders
  • Fit testing
  • All equipment rigorously maintained
  • Regulatory consultation and counsel


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Associated items with H2S safety package

The associated Items include:

  • Safety Shack or Container
  • Safety Shower & Eye Wash Station – Standalone
  • Windsock with Pole
  • Manual Alarm
  • Muster Station with T-Card System
  • Sign boards & Signages
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Safety Trainings and Annual Fire Inspections