Fall Protection Equipment

Reduces the feeling of restriction and need for harness adjustment for improved worker mobility.

Additional features such as contoured, breathable shoulder padding and horizontal leg straps.

✔ Comfort   ✔ Ease of use   Durable

Anchorage Conectors

✔ Minimum breaking strength of 5,000 lbs

✔ Compatible for use with MSA fall arrest and confined space entry/retrieval components

Energy Absorbing lanyard

✔ Shock absorbing-lanyards

✔ Keeps fall arrest forces below 6 kN

✔ Available in web and kernmantel rope configurations

Restraint Lanyard

✔ Prevent the user from reaching the fall area and work positioning applications

✔ Available in web and kernmantel rope

Self Retracting Lanyards

Sealed SRL – Field Serviceable

Specifically designed for use in harsh environments such as oil rigs, wind turbines, other offshore applications.

  • Easy to maintain – the only completely field serviceable SRL
  • Low Cost of Ownership – Minimal operational downtime
  • Incorporates the Constant Force® technology
  • No need for calibration or overhauling

Engineered Lifelines


Roofing Solutions - Latchways Constant Force® Post

Engineered horizontal systems are built to work in all areas of industry, construction, and maintenance. Installations include: ✔ Retail outlets ✔ Stadiums ✔ Transmission towers ✔ Industrial complexes


Ladders, Telecom and Transmission Towers – Latchways® Vertical Systems

Can be configured for a wide variety of applications, including, ladders, towers, masts, monopoles etc. ✔ Made from austenitic stainless steel 316/1.4404 ✔ 4 users at the same time ✔ Maintenance free ✔ Smooth & hands free operation


Industrial Solutions – Latchways® Overhead Systems

Smartly designed system precisely engineered to react lightning quick. Ideal for industrial environments and in applications such as Warehouses, Loading bays, Airplane hangars. ✔ Single Span upto 150m without any intermediate supports

Confined Space Products

MSA Workman® Tripod

• Legs automatically lock in the open position for added safety

• A maximum height indicator provides quick and easy identification of the maximum leg extension length

• No need for a separate pulley/bracket assembly, which makes hoist attachment easier and faster

MSA Workman® Winch

• No additional bracket or tools for set-up required

• Level wind mechanism keeps cable evenly spooled on hub

• Built-in clutch prevents injury if worker becomes snagged

• Double braking system provides secondary protection

• Built-in energy absorber keeps forces below 6 kN

MSA Workman® Rescuer

• Provides fast, easy and intuitive fall protection with integral bidirectional retrieval capability.

• Stops a fall

• Retrieval capability allows the user to ascend or descend to a safe location.

MSA Workman® Spreader Bar

• Used in conjunction with the V-Series harnesses for raising and lowering a person during rescue.

• The attached web loops can be used to secure an incapacitated victim’s arms when lifting or lowering.