During this challenging time, our commitment to customers remains, and we have implemented the World Health Organization guidelines & Ministry of Health guidelines to ensure that we continue to safely deliver our service quality that our customers expect while protecting the health and safety of our teams through workplace social distancing, precautions and increased personal …


Sunday HSE Meetings

Sunday Mornings are a mandatory period at FFAST as we discuss safety topics, hazard hunts, and weekly updates. Commitment to safety is an essential part of the culture we build within FFAST that results in an improved quality of life both at work and home.

Customer Relations

We at #FFAST strongly believe in making customer relations and fully equip them with their needs. Our objective has always been to provide high-quality integrated Health, Safety & Environmental solutions for our clients, workplaces, and remote working sites; to achieve maximum efficiency without compromising the quality and ensuring the well-being of the personnel working in …

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Why we work with Safety?

We’ve all heard of gas leaks, explosions or similar disasters at the workplace or industries. These can certainly be avoided and prevented. Taking all the safety measures helps prevent loss of lives, prevents downtime, LTIs, and huge monetary losses. FFAST provides  tailor-made integrated safety solutions for ‘YOUR SAFETY’. Safety is not just a priority for …

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Fire Protection Systems

A proper fire protection system is crucial for businesses. But, how much do we understand about the fire protection systems? And which fire protection system best suits our organizational needs. Why do we need a fire protection system? To begin with, what is even fire protection?  Fire protection refers to measures taken to prevent fire …

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