Announcing Partnership with Dynamic Air Shelters

FFAST, in partnership with, Dynamic Air Shelters introduces a unique solution for potential blast zones providing a protective inhabitation. This solution is one of its kind for the most versatile temporary structure in the world. DAS manufactures an air beam shelter system that can be used in blast & ballistic hazards as well as shelters which can be used in emergency situations and can protect personnel from extreme weather, biological & chemical threats. All shelters are designed to NFPA Fire Codes and are also designed to withstand Category 3 hurricane wind speeds and the interior of the shelters are temperature controlled to create a comfortable environment for the inhabitants. FFAST along with DAS, protects the workers during turnarounds and shutdowns sites where there is a possibility for blasts or the presence of any explosive gaseous vapors. Safety and productivity can work hand-in-hand on your worksite with the help of Dynamic Air Shelters. These shelters allow you to keep your workforce closer to your site, while keeping them safe from blasts, increased heat, and other dangerous elements. These shelters can also be used at the oil and gas sites for the following scenarios:

  • Meeting and office spaces
  • Dining and break areas
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • On-site storage and warehousing
  • First aid and medical facilities